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Season 2
Started by CodexCraft



07 Feb 2021
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31 May 2021

Hello everybody! As you all know, we have just launched our new season 9 days ago and we are really proud of the activity and support you guys have shown already 

Without you all, we wouldn’t have gotten this far and we love each and all of you! 

With our new season, we have also launched our new website ( in which you will see the most important updates so far and other information about our server and stuff related to our server.

With our new website launch, we have also re-opened our staff applications, which we encourage you to apply for if you are active on our server and think you can fit inside our staff team  We are always searching for people that are up to take this task and help us become a bigger server and a better team.

For our latest information, gameplay and, who knows, maybe for spoilers to new updates, we encourage you to follow our social medias! If you would also like to appear in a post, just submit your clip to our owners (Bastaboii#8986 or DeluxedLife#0782) or to our SMM (Cesa#2655). It’s your time to shine if you wanna show off your skills on our server 

You have all our link to our social medias right here (how handy 😀): 

Note: Store coming soon!

Have a great day onwards and keep an eye on our Discord, website and socials for updates. 

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CodexCraft · 22 days ago