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After quiet some time we finally found the courage needed to take a step into the scary world of social media. 🙂
You can now follow us on insta, tiktok, twitter and youtube where we will share sneak peaks, events, renders, videos and so much more 🙂
Our amazing helper cesa will be running the accounts mostly so if you find a problem or have a suggestion feel free to contact her or me 🙂

All our links have been easely grouped together in 1 link (how handy 😛 )

Make sure to click the follow / like / sub button so you dont miss out on any weird things we post 🙂

News A Black Day

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Hello Everybody

After the data loss we suffered last week due to the mall function of the login plugin, we had things up and running again. We restored as many as the data we could and we created a VERY GENEROUS 'kit sorry' to at least try and compensate for the losses everybody suffered. Unfortunately, this resulted in people trying to abuse the kit and massive ALT creations.

Let me be very clear. This is the kind of behavior we do not tolerate in this server. We have a staff team that will go out of their way to help you if there is a problem. We will try our very best to make the experience pleasurable for everybody. But there are things we - do - no - tolerate.

Abuse, is one of them. Cheating is one of them. Griefing is one of them. Being rude to other players or staff, is another. Codex Craft is supposed to be a FUN server. Fun for players, Fun for staff. Fun for everybody. But these things, really, they give me headaches.

As a result of this, we have banned 4 players...

News So here's the latest !

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Yeah, I'm sorry. It's been a while. Things have been a little off lately. It seems that the proverb is right: Misfortune never comes Singly. Some of our staff members are experiencing from private problems and other are going through some changes in the environment. So we all need to adapt - even more than we are already doing in this crazy world right now. But as long as we're having fun, it's all right. Let's just hope that the things everybody has to deal with are over soon.

Unfortunately due to those circumstances, One of our owners, and founder has decided to step back for a while. DeluxedLife will still be involved but not as actively as he was. We thank him for everything so far and whish him all the best.

PreeIsALive and Garyzard have been doing great work and got promoted, respectively to Moderator and Helper. Congradulations Guys.

Applications are still open for staff and builders by the way !

The Halloween Event was good !! Lots of loot been found in the Nether and...

News Codex Craft Halloween Event

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Hear Ye Hear Ye !

Get ready for the Codex Craft Special Halloween Event !!
In /warp event you will find a agility track - a large parkour in pieces and two mazes that you will have to complete to win awesome rewards !!
The event lasts for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) and the 3 top performers will win fantastic rewards:

1st place: 25 US Dollar Paypal and In-game loot chest with Spawners, blocks and Crate Keys !

2nd place: 15 Us Dollar Store voucher and In-game Loot chest.

3rd place: 1 month Basic Discord Nitro and In-Game Loot chest.

You can try as many times as you want !!
Good luck !

News Bedrock Clients can Connect again

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Hey Yall.

Though it is of course still a bèta thing and it may bug a little, we have been informed - and seen some of our members and staff actually do it, so proof has been delivered - that connecting with Bedrock Client is possible again. It took too much time - we agree - but it is something that is out of our hands... we apologize for any inconvenience that may have occurred.

thanks for your patience and have fun playing on Codex Craft !

News Bedrock Clients Temporarily not able to connect

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Due to preparing for future expanding of our network we applied for a static IP for our main server. As Java players can just connect to the DNS address, nothing changes for them. But bedrock players unfortunately have to connect to an actual IP address. This has changed and our provider needs to do some tweaking to make our server accessible for Bedrock Clients again. We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, maybe check out this news flash:

Have Fun playing !

News Halloween Event in the Nether (part 1/2)

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Hello CodexCrafters!

Today we have a fun announcement. For a full 3 weeks we will have the throne of Lucifer himself spawned at /warp nether.
This area is filled with wealth and treasure, but comes with a great risk for any one that dares to enter.

Every 3 hours 10 random chests will appear holding different loot. There are 3 chest types:
-Basic Crate. This is the most common one and gives normal loot.
-Demon Crate. This has quite a lower chance to spawn but is filled with better loot.
-Devil Crate. This is the rares crate, but has some good value inside.

Be carfull when entering the area because PvP is enabled and Lucifer has send some of hes trusty demons to guard he's throne (mobs)
You will have 15 minutes to loot all the chests before Lucifer hides hes treasure and you have to wait 3 hours again.

News Codex Craft Integrates Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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Hey Everybody !!

A little over two weeks a go we opened the virtual doors to our Skybloks Server for the public. Today we are proud to announce that together with our provider we have successfully integrated a connection possibility for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition! This means that you can play on Codex Craft with the non-java version of Minecraft and take it everywhere you wanna go!

You can find the details on how to connect to Codex Craft with Minecraft Bedrock Edition Here.

Have Fun Playing @ Codex Craft!

News 1st week is almost done !!

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Hey Everybody !

The first week after the release is almost done. And what a week it was. The release was marvelous. We had a plenty of players around, and barely any problems to deal with. Of course after a real launch, some problems always show up, but thanks to the excellent cooperation between players and staff we fixed over 15 minor and major bugs in the first week. I don't know about you, but to me that looks like a really good start of an excellent community !!

Some changes have happened in the staff team. Fidan has stepped back as an active Admin, and now operates as a consultant, a little more in the background. Area101 unfortunately had to go too. VinitYT stepped up as developer and is quickly getting the hang of things. So quick that he has changed his name in the process :) NightMare_gaming is moving up the ranks and now has joined the Admin crew. Last, but not least DevSkybock has been added to the staff team as Trial. I believe since last changes, that's all as far...

News Beta testers

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Hello every one!
I know every one is waiting for the server to open and we are doing every thing we can :)
We will be opening the server for a select amount of beta testers to help us in delivering the best quality we can.
Are you interested? Then go look at for all details and to apply.

Thanks for your patience!
-The Codex Team​

News CodexCraft

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Hello everyone and welcome to CodexCraft!

CodexCraft is a soon to launch Skyblock server.
We have a team of experienced Minecraft players who are doing everything they can to create a new, enjoyable, and welcoming server where everyone can have fun.

I won't spoil anything today but keep an eye on our forum and discord for the latest info (and maybe some teasers coming soon?? ;))


Have fun, stay safe, and see you soon!
-The Codex Team
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