News 1st week is almost done !!


Codex Info Dispatcher
Hey Everybody !

The first week after the release is almost done. And what a week it was. The release was marvelous. We had a plenty of players around, and barely any problems to deal with. Of course after a real launch, some problems always show up, but thanks to the excellent cooperation between players and staff we fixed over 15 minor and major bugs in the first week. I don't know about you, but to me that looks like a really good start of an excellent community !!

Some changes have happened in the staff team. Fidan has stepped back as an active Admin, and now operates as a consultant, a little more in the background. Area101 unfortunately had to go too. VinitYT stepped up as developer and is quickly getting the hang of things. So quick that he has changed his name in the process :) NightMare_gaming is moving up the ranks and now has joined the Admin crew. Last, but not least DevSkybock has been added to the staff team as Trial. I believe since last changes, that's all as far as staff is concerned.

Operation-wise we have been updating and removing / replacing some plugins to get rid of some lag. We downloaded a few GIG of extra ram - thank you donators for your generous contributions and trust so early on in our server life to make this possible - and we have a full Discord chat and Console integration now. Yep, we can keep an eye on you chat to you now in game from literally everywhere where there is an internet connection over Discord.
We also decided to keep the Nether growing as it get's slowly mined empty and the player base - hopefully - will increase too. So for now, every first sunday of the month, the Nether border expands with 200 blocks. Every expansion will come with lootable area's the will be stuffed with nice goodies for you to get at eachothers throats about. In-Game of course...

The store has been remade, updated, turned upside down, painted, renovated, vacuumed and windows been washed. It's also completely corona free now, and the best thing is that you do not have to wear mouth covers or face masks to visit it. So: get your butts over there and spend ALL THAT money that you would otherwise be spending in the bars and disco's. It's for a good cause !

Just wanna thank you all again for making all this possible, Players, especially Donators, & Staff.


We removed Herobrine.