News A Black Day


Codex Info Dispatcher
Hello Everybody

After the data loss we suffered last week due to the mall function of the login plugin, we had things up and running again. We restored as many as the data we could and we created a VERY GENEROUS 'kit sorry' to at least try and compensate for the losses everybody suffered. Unfortunately, this resulted in people trying to abuse the kit and massive ALT creations.

Let me be very clear. This is the kind of behavior we do not tolerate in this server. We have a staff team that will go out of their way to help you if there is a problem. We will try our very best to make the experience pleasurable for everybody. But there are things we - do - no - tolerate.

Abuse, is one of them. Cheating is one of them. Griefing is one of them. Being rude to other players or staff, is another. Codex Craft is supposed to be a FUN server. Fun for players, Fun for staff. Fun for everybody. But these things, really, they give me headaches.

As a result of this, we have banned 4 players today. FOUR players in one day. This is a sad day. And I truly hope, I will never have to experience a day like this again on Codex Craft.