Important Beta testing rules and application format

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Codex Info Dispatcher
CodexCraft is getting really close to being launched, that is why we need some testers to find the last bugs and errors and to give us some last-minute feedback. If you want to help us you can apply to become a beta tester. (all in-game stuff will be reset at launch, everyone will get a fair start)
Benefits of being a beta tester:
-> First look at the server.
-> A beta tester tag in discord and on the site.
-> A special beta tester reward once the server opens.
What we expect from beta testers:
-> Being online for at least 2 hours during the beta test week. (you won't get a reward for less activity)
-> Reporting bugs and errors to the staff team.
-> Being mature and respectful. We value all the feedback you give, but it has to be a constructive and polite way of telling us.
-> Be respectful and friendly.
-> Hacking is not allowed.
-> Always follow instructions given to you by staff.
-> Do not give out spoilers/videos/images or any details about the server to non-beta testers.
-> All server/site/discord rules apply, you can find them at our announcements forum found here:
Application format:

Discord name:
In-game name:
How long do you play Minecraft:
How much can you play/test:
Have you been a tester/staff before on another server(where, what rank, can you give some information please):

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