News Halloween Event in the Nether (part 1/2)


Codex Info Dispatcher
Hello CodexCrafters!

Today we have a fun announcement. For a full 3 weeks we will have the throne of Lucifer himself spawned at /warp nether.
This area is filled with wealth and treasure, but comes with a great risk for any one that dares to enter.

Every 3 hours 10 random chests will appear holding different loot. There are 3 chest types:
-Basic Crate. This is the most common one and gives normal loot.
-Demon Crate. This has quite a lower chance to spawn but is filled with better loot.
-Devil Crate. This is the rares crate, but has some good value inside.

Be carfull when entering the area because PvP is enabled and Lucifer has send some of hes trusty demons to guard he's throne (mobs)
You will have 15 minutes to loot all the chests before Lucifer hides hes treasure and you have to wait 3 hours again.