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Codex Info Dispatcher
Yeah, I'm sorry. It's been a while. Things have been a little off lately. It seems that the proverb is right: Misfortune never comes Singly. Some of our staff members are experiencing from private problems and other are going through some changes in the environment. So we all need to adapt - even more than we are already doing in this crazy world right now. But as long as we're having fun, it's all right. Let's just hope that the things everybody has to deal with are over soon.

Unfortunately due to those circumstances, One of our owners, and founder has decided to step back for a while. DeluxedLife will still be involved but not as actively as he was. We thank him for everything so far and whish him all the best.

PreeIsALive and Garyzard have been doing great work and got promoted, respectively to Moderator and Helper. Congradulations Guys.

Applications are still open for staff and builders by the way !

The Halloween Event was good !! Lots of loot been found in the Nether and boiiii did we make a mistake. We gave away Lucifer Kits in stead of Demon Kits. Found out about that a little late..... Well, i suppose the winners them enjoy them even more :)

The nether was expanded again, Lootables are going to be places too with the expansions so you can find good stuff in the Nether some more... Come check it out !!

Keep on mining !!